YOUR TRUSTED Development Partners

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Ocean Wealth Inc. is a global real estate investment and development company. The company seeks to deliver strong investment returns while creating sustainable environments that bring value to the people and communities it serves, now and for generations to come.

The company has a global perspective that is entrepreneurial, ambitious and focused on developing exceptional development communities and sustainable design initiatives where people choose to live, work and play. We take a proactive approach to protecting the environment through innovation in our construction techniques. We will build for efficiency and environmental sustainability through prescriptive environmental standards such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). We look beyond bricks and mortar, including social, cultural and economic infrastructures that will create a unique sense of place, and this commitment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy where we endeavour to leave an indelible mark on the quality of the places we develop.


We are dedicated to providing a dynamic world-class service by combining the sanctity of the environment and community thereby creating a natural, comfortable, and luxurious lasting lifestyle experience.


To build generational wealth and places of meaning, where real estate and hospitality set a universal benchmark.


To engage in interdisciplinary partnership with world best brands, and to guarantee successful short- and long-term investment returns by bringing a creative team of committed professionals under the Ocean Wealth umbrella.

Our partners